Welcome to Hard Lens Media

Who We Are

Hard Lens Media is an unaffiliated, independent multimedia community that broadcasts a diverse selection of accurate, unbiased, full-spectrum reporting.

What We Do

Operating in the city of Chicago, Illinois, we are a group of journalists, writers, broadcasters, and commentators creating media that covers current events, politics, activism, and local culture.

Event Livestreaming

Our team regularly attends local demonstrations, meetings, and conferences. When possible, we livestream events in progress via Facebook. “Like” our page and opt-in to our livestreaming notifications!


We also conduct interviews with local activists, concerned citizens, politicians, and community leaders. You can find videos and podcasts of our interviews on Facebook, YouTube, and Spreaker.


Our weekly radio show, Hard Lens Media Radio, can be heard at Que4 Radio, 1680 AM in Chicago. Listeners outside the Chicago area can listen in live at Que4.org, at Internet-Radio.com, on TuneIn Radio, or iTunesRadio.

Podcasts of our radio shows can be downloaded or streamed on iTunes, Spreaker, or YouTube.

Social Media

Keep up to date with our work on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Spreaker.


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